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Welcome to Cheryl Sanders Fundraising website.

Cheryl and brother John

This reading gives you an opportunity to learn more about Cheryl and why we are staging this fundraiser on her behalf.

Most of us  are really lucky to already know who Cheryl is. Her natural warmth, steady enthusiasm and supportive manner leaves a lasting impression on you. Whether you are ordering your first or last inflatable or always adding into your inventory of endless accessories and gear, or have SOTAR as an outlet for your awesome boating equipment, you primarily deal with Cheryl.

At SOTAR for over 20 years, Cheryl manages the orders for boaters and works with most of the reps in the vendor world and at either end always digs in while problem solving. It is her endless care and personal attention that makes you happy to do business with them.

As the Sales and Store Manager, if you’ve bought something from SOTAR chances are you bought it from her. She is responsible for much of their success and also for maintaining great customer service. Long time customers all agree that she is indispensable to the company.

Customer satisfaction is top priority to Cheryl and she’s been known to go above and beyond her job’s duties to ensure that the client’s needs are met against any odds or time constraints. As her brother, I’ve been lucky enough to work along side her for two years and to see her demonstrate her craft. All that I can say is; ‘she’s amazing.’

Cheryl with brother and daughters Makayla and Justin

And although this is a key part of how many of us have a relationship with and know Cheryl, she has another very important job being a single parent raising two. Makayla, now 18 attends college near Portland, while Justin is a junior in high school nearby.

When Cheryl is not being a workaholic, she loves being outdoors and experiencing some of the adventures she helps SOTAR clients to enjoy. Though most of us know that she doesn’t take time to enjoy these adventures nearly enough.

Cheryl faced serious health challenges in Spring of 2012. After undergoing blood-work, ultrasounds, and laryngoscopy, her doctors determined that it was very likely that she had thyroid cancer and immediately pushed to have surgery to remove the thyroid, the nodules, and lymph nodes as needed once inside. More blood-work and a scan soon followed and with biopsy and lab results, doctors diagnosed her with Multifocal Papillary Thyroid Cancer.

Cheryl seems to be doing well with her adjusted lifestyle and new thyroid medications that she will take indefinitely, as she no longer has her thyroid.

Cheryl has been very appreciative of family, friends, and doctors who have helped her emotionally and physically through this struggle. She has both good days and bad days and is very tired and weak at times. Through all of these days, you’ll mostly find a smile on her face.

Asking for help is not something that she would ever want to do. She has been very self-sufficient her entire life and has provided every need for herself and her children independently.

Although she loves her job at SOTAR and there are benefits to working there, she does not receive health insurance. As this cancer treatment was an absolutely mandatory step for recovery, she has incurred tens of thousands of dollars in debt by way of medical bills.

Cheryl now finds herself making payments to two hospitals, a cancer center, a radiologist, an anesthesiologist, and three doctors. Her monthly medical payments are equivalent to a house payment. These bills must be met above and beyond typical monthly bills such as, rent, food, utilities, gas, and providing for her daughter in college and her son at home.

BUT she continues working full time.

You might have noticed that she went missing during her “first vacation,” which was actually surgery, around June 12th. This put her in the hospital for two days followed by a week of bed rest at home with a drainage tube in her throat. She was all too eager to return to work around the first week in July even though she had a hard time talking.

Against recommendations from her family, close friends, and some co-workers, she returned to work too soon. Due to overworking and overexertion Cheryl over did it, and without warning passed out and fell. She suffered a skull fracture and concussion. This started her “second vacation” and per her doctors’ orders was out the next two weeks.

This last September, follow up blood-work and an iodine scan showed that cancer was still present after surgery. And she went on her “third vacation.” Radiation treatment started as part of a necessary step for recovery but the treatment was postponed for a short time due to the skull fracture and concussion setback.

Cheryl just learned last week that she is going to undergo another additional round of treatments.  Radiation treatments are scheduled now to begin again in April since the thyroid medication needed to be changed one more time.

Good friends and long time clients, Sue Ghilotti, Bob Travers, Dan Buckley and Rorie Lin Gotham  were  involved with being supportive of Cheryl during the really stages of her illness. Then Rorie was inspired to do this on-line-auction benefit.  So calls to the Vendors  began and they have been incredibly generous in making donations to this benefit.  Paddling forward, the boating clubs and individual are being contacted to “Spread the Word”  These folks have been instrumental in spearheading this fundraising for Cheryl by gathering all these awesome donations and orchestrating the outreach to the greater community of boaters and friends.  Scott Ogren is donating server space for this website  and is an endless help on this project. Carl Ramstrom is donating his creativity, web and technical support and without his amazing commitment, involvement and effort, none of this would be happening.

The outfitters and vendors have been so wonderfully generous by donating awesome gifts to this endeavor for you to bid on.

We hope that you’ll find adventure related items for you to purchase that will help raise funds which will go solely towards paying for her medical bills and ongoing treatment. You may also make cash donations via a PayPal account that is set up to a cancer fund bank account also for Cheryl’s medical bills. Details on cash donations are listed further in the website.

Thank you for caring enough to look at this website.

-John Crumrine
Cheryl’s brother and devoted friend

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  1. Cheryl, You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. It is a tough battle that you are in but you can win. Just remember that you are first, not Sotar now, and you have been first with all of us, loyal customers and friends, for many years. We deal with Sotar because of you first. Work now on getting well then you can get back to Sotar when you are able.

  2. I hope you are doing well and radiation is working. I shared this with my Mom so she would know how you are doing, like reading your bio your brother wrote – well done. You know I agree with the comment above – take care of yourself – first priority! I have been planning for a Grand Canyon trip July 12 -26. Hope you can get out on the rivers again soon!

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